Arta Design Limited, The Garden Studio, 76 Lansdowne Road, Belfast BT15 4AA

case studies

We were commissioned to design a modern single storey dwelling for a retired couple, in the shadows of the Mournes’. A key factor of the design required the house to be ‘future proof’ and in this regard we obtained planning permission for a single story dwelling which has sufficient void space in the connection glass atrium to accommodate additional 1st floor bedrooms at a later date.

The building was orientated along a north south axis to maximise the solar gain and allow for a private courtyard with access over the south facing lawns, away from access traffic. The building has been designed as two ‘long barns’, one the main living and services area, the other abedroom block. These are connected via the glass atrium which serves as the ‘communal internal ‘open space’. This dwelling is currently under construction with expected completion Spring 2012.